Design systems in Justinmind prototyping

Design Systems

Maintain consistency. Reuse. Prototype faster

Create your own UI kits

Create UI widget libraries of unique elements, importing them from your favorite tools if need be. The beauty is that your libraries can be easily shared with your team, giving everyone access to the building blocks of your prototypes.

Create your own ui kits inside a design system

UI kits synchronized across teams

Your UX managers or product managers have the freedom to update and modify UI kits, and have those modifications be instantly synchronized for your designers. No more rework!

Manage ui kits in your system
Centralized management in design system
Centralized management

Managers will have the power to modify the UI kits, leaving no room for loss of control.

Updated ui elements in design system
Updated UI kits

All your prototyping users will see exclusively up-to-date UI kits that are ready to go.

UI templates in design system

UI layout templates

Create a template that can be used as a page starter with the basic structure of the layout, getting pages going with a simple drag and drop. Establish styles with your templates to ensure consistency.

Set default styles

Define the default styles of the UI elements associated with your templates

Share content

Create page starters for layouts and common areas such as primary navigation bars or footers

Make global changes in design system

Global changes with Masters

With Data Masters, you can create groups of UI components that will repeat themselves through the project, such as a sign in form or a group of links for secondary navigation. Make global changes to these groups or break the connection between them to create more unique groups in each screen.

More features you'll love

Here are some classic Justinmind features that will help you create and manage the design system your team deserves.

UI documentation in design system
UI documentation

All of the documentation on the prototype can be exported with a single click for optimal sharing abilities

Design handoff in design system
Design hand-off

Developers have view-mode that allows them to see exact measurements, CSS and all the assets within the system

Test designs
Test your designs

Watch your prototype in action on several devices or browsers and avoid nasty surprises down the road