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Prototyping tool - Justinmind

An actual high fidelity prototyping tool

Design prototypes that are like the real deal. Enjoy the most powerful prototyping tool to design and validate life-like digital experiences early on. Easily create high fidelity prototypes, and validate every design decision along the way.

Web interactions and mobile gestures

Design captivating interactions that keep users engaged, or create simple and sober animations that show the software behavior. Make use of all the existing interactions, gestures, transitions and effects available in Justinmind.

Web interactions and mobile gestures for UI prototypes

See your prototype in action

No matter the design stage, see your prototype come to life. Test it easily on real devices, with real users.

Device emulators

Simulate the behavior of the prototype. Choose any device emulator you want!

Test on real devices

Test the prototype on any iPhone, iPad or Android device using our mobile app.

Export to interactive HTML

Export the prototype into functional HTML.

Prototyping tool that can import from design tools

Import from design tools

Kick off the design process in your favorite design tool, then bring it to life in an interactive prototype with Justinmind.

Import from Sketch projects

Transfer multiple artboards into Justinmind and make them interactive with advanced events.

Import assets from Protoshop and Illustrator

Find your layers perfectly organized in Justinmind so you don’t lose a second of precious work.

Prototyping software for responsive UI design

One prototyping tool to rule all screens

Create your website prototype using the right components and enjoy testing that design on any device you see fit. You can achieve responsive designs for both desktop and mobile resolutions while maintaining the highest usability standards.

Prototype with templates to reuse content in designs

Reuse content in your prototype

Create UI layouts and structures you can use again and again. Bypass the repetitive aspect of UX design altogether with our Masters and Templates.


Design UI layouts and pre-define styles that jump-start your prototyping abilities.


Groups of elements you can implement over and over. Make global changes across the prototype.

Prototype forms like a pro

Prototype forms within minutes and test them on the spot – without writing any code whatsoever. Our prototyping tool brings you form components with pre-built interactions and a whole world of possible validators.

Prototyping form validations
Form validations

Choose any type of inline validation from style changes to floating error messages.

Fully-functional form elements
Functional form elements

Elements come with basic interaction from input fields to checkboxes and buttons.

Design visual logic
Logic by drag & drop

Define the business logic that rules your form with our intuitive drag and drop interface.

Data visualization in prototypes

Design data visualization

Present your data so it fits your prototype UI design like a glove. Implement your data visualization design in a tangible prototype you can put to the test. With our Data masters, it’s a walk in the park.

Data lists

Channel information from your Data Masters into an interactive list.

Data grids

Create a grid that lays out all the data in front of your user in a few clicks or taps.

Prototyping software that exports into HTML and docs

Export to HTML and documents

Export the entire prototype in a moment. You’ll be able to export UI components, interactions, visuals into documents you can customize!

Get your interactive HTML prototype

Instantly export your prototype to HTML, complete with visuals for easy interpretation.

Generate documentation

One click is all you need to receive your customizable specifications documentation.


Get the full power of Justinmind’s prototyping tool with your own design classics.

Collaborative prototyping

Justinmind has all the features your team could need for smooth communication and an efficient workflow – from chatting in the prototype to handing developers the HTML behind the design.

Design Systems for prototypes
Design systems

Create a framework with all your components and templates for future projects.

Prototyping tool to share with reviewers
Share with reviewers

Send your prototype to reviews in a few moments for quick feedback and testing.

prototyping tool for multi-user
Multi-user co-editing

Have multiple people work on the same prototype remotely without any friction, from leaving comments to full new pages.

Prototyping tool with JIRA and TFS integrations
Jira and TFS integrations

Streamline information with our JIRA integration or move work items between TFS and Justinmind.

Prototyping tool with handoff to developers
Developers handoff

Developers can inspect prototypes for CSS, exact colors and measurements along with all the assets included in the project.

prototyping tool with user testing tool integrations
Test prototypes on users

Enjoy our integrations with UserTesting, Hotjar, CrazyEgg, UserZoom and other tools we know you love.